What platforms is the game available on?
PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita (Cross-Buy).
Other platforms to be announced in future.

When is the game available?
February 10th 2015 on the U.S. PlayStation®Store.
November 5th 2014 on the European PlayStation®Store.

Can I report a bug?
Yes. If you find a bug please send as much information as possible to contact[at]redphantomgames.com.
Bugs will be fixed if possible in the next scheduled patch.

Can I request a copy for review?
Yes, if you are a journalist or youtuber who legitimately wants to cover the game.
Please use contact[at]redphantomgames.com for such requests.
Or tweet: @RedPhantomGames.

How do I unlock the old difficulty curve?
If you really want to set the score targets back to what they were before the patch then do this:
Go to the Options menu and hold the L, R and Triangle buttons down for five seconds.
When you hear a laughter sound the scores will have switched.
Do this again if you want to change back to the easier scores.
This will also work on the U.S. version.